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Oct 2, 2012 7:30pm PDT
the moral clarity of a ww ii victory parade. americans' mixed feelings about race and foreign policy were shown for the first time uncensored by the o.w.i. we tend to think of the '50s as an era of eisenhower or golf but in reality the '50s was fraught with tensions. take the racial tension we see brought out to the fore in "the steel helmet" in a way it's not brought out in something like "bataan." i just don't understand you. you can't eat with 'em unless there's a war. then, it's difficult. isn't that so? that's right. you'll pay for a ticket, but sit in the back of a bus. isn't that so? that's right. a hundred years ago i couldn't even ride a bus. at least now i can sit in the back. maybe in 50 years, sit in the middle. someday even up front. there's some things you just can't rush, buster. you're a stupid man. you're the stupid joe. why don't ya' get wise, buster? (ripping sound) the commies loved it, loved it, it was in "the daily worker" and "people's world." up until a certain part of the picture. then i have these -- then they said this picture was financed by mcarthur. (gunfire)
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1